Titanic Theme “My Heart Will Go On” - Sax Cover (Studio performance by a young artist)

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  • Release Date: 15 Feb 2016
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A magical and powerful song that requires large air space to do itself justice. I usually play it completely solo some beautiful summer night each year, at the moonlit water of Long Lake (Långsjön). Maybe my solo reaches longer than one would think. The original song was composed by James Horner, its lyrics were written by Will Jennings and it was produced by Walter Afanasieff and Simon Franglen. Celine Dion recorded and released it.

I hope you enjoy my version, thanks for listening!

Wilhelm Fredlund, 14-year-old saxophonist from Uppsala, Sweden

Alto & Tenor Saxophone ... Wilhelm Fredlund
Rendition & Audio Mixing ...Wilhelm Fredlund
Video Production ... Wilhelm Fredlund

MPM MusicPowerMafia was founded by Wilhelm Fredlund in 2014 to help young artists to reach out in the world. Our mission is to achieve a powerful musical imprint in the name of solidarity. Check it out here:

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